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Did you know that Personal Judgments can affect your Short Sale? June 7, 2013

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My husband Scott who is also a Realtor works very hard and very smart. Our specialty….Short Sales of course. 

Recently Scott has been working diligently on a Short Sale due to the Pending Foreclosure Sale date. As you know when that date is set, the clock it is a ticking. By the way Scott works diligently for all of his sellers. Well the title work came back and there are personal judgments against the seller. Can these personal Judgments prevent this Short Sale from closing? The answer is:  Yes they can.

Let me explain. A personal Judgment goes against the Seller and although it’s not attached to the Home it’s attached to the person trying to sell their home which can prevent the sale unless satisfied. So let’s talk about what types of personal judgments there are.  You can have a small claims case in which it didn’t go in your favor. You may have a criminal traffic ticket that hasn’t been paid or you were sent to collections court in the Clerk of court for that ticket. You may even have a credit card you stopped paying on years ago and just never did anything about it. These are just a few examples.

Now here is what you need to know. These types of challenges can ultimately hurt your chances of selling a home, but like any challenge there is always a solution. Here are a few steps you can take to correcting a situation like this. First off, when your listing your home in a Short Sale be up front with your Realtor/Broker, tell them about these outstanding items. Remember we are trained to handle these types of challenges. You can also pay them to get them recorded and satisfied. And if this is your personal residence you can file what’s called a “Notice of Homestead”, which then has to be sent to all creditors and there’s a 45 day response period before they are no longer active.

If we know about these Judgments upfront, we can give you the information you need to make this a Successful Short Sale.  

One more thing…. We understand it may be difficult to tell us this personal information that you may feel uncomfortable but just remember we ALL have bumps in this road we call life and in the end we ALL put our pants on the same way. One leg at a time.

Hope this helps those that are reading my Blog today.

Wendy Golding

When you hire an agent ask them to show you their approval letters or some of their closed sales. You want to have an expert on your side. At Asset One Realty, Wendy and I have this knowledge and we have the documentation to back it up. Remember foreclosure is the last resort. Contact us at our Web Site or Short Sale Answers this site has videos of the 5 most asked questions regarding a short sale and video testimonials from our clients. Email us direct at paganorealtor@gmail.com or assetonebroker@gmail.com

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Suntrust Short Sale November 11, 2009

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I am still blogging about my experience with the various lenders, I have closed short sales with. Today is for Suntrust and also includes Suntrust HELOC. I will post about the other banks in the upcoming days.

The most difficult part about the Suntrust file is to get the file through setup. Suntrust bank is very efficient at receiving the documents, however the machine bogs down here. They will have access to imaging the file in 2 to 3 days, this is very good.

After this point on every call I was told the file is in setup and can take up to 90 days to get assigned to a negotiator. This is unacceptable and just causes more delays for the bank and you the consumer.

I have been able to get around this 90 day hurdle by having a supervisor at Suntrust that I can reach out to. He has helped me get a file out of limbo and assigned to a negotiator. These contacts take time to develop. Always ask any agent you interview if they have someone at the bank, they have worked with. This is important on getting your Suntrust short sale closed.

I also have worked with a VP at the HELOC division as well as a Supervisor within the charge off department. In the world of short sales it is who you know. Getting the file assigned to a negotiator is half the battle. I can get this done for you as I have with my other clients.

Remember foreclosure is the last resort. I can help, contact me today at www.scottnwendy.com or paganorealtor@gmail.com

The next lender is Aurora home loans. The closing I had with them was very quick and the level 2 negotiator was a competent professional.