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Equator Bank of America March 24, 2011

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We have now completed multiple short sales with the equator system. I will have to say BofA is now my favorite bank to work with. I still can’t believe I just wrote that. I was around when we had to fax BofA 4-5 times just to get the documents imaged. Well that has all changed for the better since Equator.

This systems allows me to upload all documents from the computer direct to the bank. The tasks are assigned as soon as we initiate the short sale. The first task is 3rd party authorization which allows me to speak to the bank on your behalf.

The next section is the offer worksheet which is very similar to your HUD-1. The numbers will show BofA their net on the short sale. Make sure your agent knows how to read a HUD-1 as these numbers must be accurate the first time.

After this usually within 24-48 hours you will have another task assigned to upload the MLS sheet, Purchase contract, HUD-1, property photo and MLS number. This is all done within the first 3-5 days. WOW! This document collection in the past would have been 4-6 weeks if not longer.

Now they will order the BPO for the valuation stage of the process. This is a good time to have the homeowner upload his documents. Pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, hardship letter and financial worksheet. For my clients I upload all of these documents into the library under the tasks bar, upload supporting documents section.

The valuation stage moves fairly quick, I have actually had the BPO ordered within 3 days from this task assigned. The value comes in within a week. Now we move to my favorite part the negotiator. Again I am still shocked because old BofA would take months to get to this stage. Good job Bank of America for using Equator.

The negotiator will counter the first offer, ALWAYS. You do NOT have to accept the counter offer, you can counter the offer which we have done successfully every time on every file. They will usually ask for a price increase from the buyer and a prom note or cash contribution from the seller. This is the part where you want an experienced agent on your side with contacts at the bank in the VP, SVP position if needed. Wendy and I have these contacts and if necessary we will reach out to them if the negotiator is being unreasonable.

So thats it, the last file we had after countering 2 times the offer was approved within 27 days. 27 days, no that is not a misprint. I will say again BofA is my favorite bank to work with since the Equator system happened.

When you hire an agent ask them to show you their approval letters or some of their closed sales. You want to have an expert on your side. Wendy and I have this and we have the documentation to back it up. Remember Foreclosure is the last resort. Contact me at http://www.scottnwendy.com or paganorealtor@gmail.com